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Disney XD is an American multinational pay television channel owned by the Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution unit of The Walt Disney Company. The channel is aimed primarily at children ages 6–11.


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Guest Experience Manager (Current Employee) says

"It’s sad how little they care about anything but money. They don’t care about your time off, your work life balance, your benefits, your growth, or your family. Cons: They don’t care about you, your family, or your quality of life"

Guest Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Greedy company, Very low pay, scheduling is random shifts so can’t get a 2nd job, favoritism, high turnaround, they waste lots of money on hiring and training since everyone quits due to their lack of work home balance. Cons: Random schedule, can’t get second job, very low pay, favoritism by management"

Production Manager (Former Employee) says

"The rumors are true. Workplace culture is toxic and diversity/gender equality is not a priority. Supervisors/co-workers are allowed to threaten other colleagues."

Artistes interprètes (Former Employee) says

"J’ai vu le vrai visage de cette entreprise après les attentats du 11 septembre 2001. Cette entreprise doit fermer , Cons: Dictature, Néolibéralisme"

Secretary (Current Employee) says

"There is a wage gap between races. There's also a huge lack of diversity among who gets promoted. Anyone can see the demographics and see that non-white people do not get promoted as much as white people, regardless of their education & ability to perform the role. The company slogan is, "it's not what you know, it's who you know" ."

Recreation Leader (Current Employee) says

"I have worked for Disney for over 4 years and I have noticed some dark things about this company. For one thing it does not encourage growth... in order to learn in a different department, one has to give up full time status and seniority drops to rock bottom... Backstabbing is almost a hobby with this company. People actually go out of their way to screw your career. If you aren’t liberal... enjoying working same position forever."

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"STAY AWAY! After years of service and seeing that this was a cult in plain site I saw all the ABUSE, manipulation, lies and rampage drug use!!! They will literally work you to death! Prior Military personnel won’t stay, that’s how bad they treat you!!"

Resort sales associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. Disney magic does not exist at all. Leadership is non existant. It's hard to believe that this place even considers itself part of the Disney magic. Walt would turn over in his grave."

Custodial (Current Employee) says

"Horrible company. The company sucks, the management sucks. They’re all condescending jerks. The customers act like it’s their world and we live in it."

Job Allocator (Former Employee) says

"I found my time at Disney extremely stressful. There seemed to be alot of people out to undermine you at every opportunity. I am from a background of where if you see someone struggling then you help them. Not inm Disney, it was frowned upon and I was actually warned of my behavious as apparently it made the person allocating work look bad, as though they had given the person I helped too much work."

Operations Intern (Former Employee) says

"You made money but most went towards rent. I was really broke and decided to come home after not making enough money. Everyone told me not to do it, but I want to try something new."

Quality Assurance Tester (Former Employee) says

"Disney treats employees like garbage stay away. DI losses money cause they wont listen to their intelligent developers. To many corporate decisions. It feels like high school working there."

wait help/SERVER (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company selling happiness to family's for the past 20 years and was fired on a company computer glitch and incompetent managers. this company has changed my life completely from day one to my last day getting walked out like a common criminal. I figured out that after all these years working there I was also getting suckered in to the fantasy except it was are soul "Cast Members " that payed for all the happiness we gave are gust"

Agent/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I hated working for this low budget company! The pay was very low and they would fire people because the work volume was slow. They lied about making temp employees perm and would string people along until they no longer needed them. I hated working there! It was a pure waste of time! Cons: Having to work there!"

Agent d'accueil billettiste (Former Employee) says

"expérience intéressante gâchée par des teams leaders qui ne sont pas sur le terrain mais veulent montrer qu'ils décident tout ."

Agent de propreté et d'hygiène (Former Employee) says

"Ont as l impression d être au collège plutôt que dans une entreprise d adulte as éviter de toutes urgences Cons: Tous"

Operations Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"Hated working there. Would never recommend working there. The worst job I ever had. Overall attitude of company was not employee appreciation driven, it was profit driven for shareholders"

Maintenance, laundry (Former Employee) says

"at this work there was no organization, The hardest parts is that there was no enough personal because everyone renunciate, they give me to much work, only 15 minutes of break and no benefits at all and less pay. Cons: No benefits. to much work for only one person, only 15 minutes of break even working 7 hours"

Application Performance Architect (Former Employee) says

"I had a horrible experience at Disney, my second time around, you get punished for doing good work, some people at Disney operate as a total gang and not in the best interest of the company, blue vs green badge discrimination sucks, contractors spy on employees as they slowly move to replace them."

Security Cast Member (Former Employee) says

"They have bad pay and treat everyone besides guests like garbage. They truly do not care about anything but money. I would never work for the again. I do not recommend them."